Thursday, March 19, 2009

Make the switch to Direct TV

During these times of economic crisis when everybody is called to do our share in saving for the future, we need not to forget investing for our family’s entertainment. We just need to make sure that we are getting our money’s worth in everything that we purchase, whether it is a product or services.

As a self-confessed TV addict, I spend a couple of hours a day watching TV. However, watching the same shows over and over again from our cable TV can oftentimes be boring considering that cable charges can be costly at these times. The good news is Direct TV has the perfect solution for your humdrum days. It is a better alternative to cable TV.

DirectTV is the most advanced DirecTV satellite provider in the US territory. It provides an amazingly wide range of 265 channels to choose from. Add to that that it also offers digital DVR recording and it now has over 130 channels in High Definition (HD).

It gives you total control of how you will watch and receive great satellite TV programming with the DirecTV deals available that will cater to the needs of different viewers. It offers sports, movies and local channel packages that will suit your viewing pleasure in a very affordable price. Imagine getting 150 channels for just $34.99 a month! You will certainly get your money’s worth. It is now time to make the switch to Direct TV!


benchiegrace said...

this is one shocking this true? i've checked the other site and the post was still there

Leo Mar said...

Hi Benchiegrace,

I commented on the other blog post asking her to remove or rewrite the post. She didn't publish the comment but I just checked the other blog and she has edited the post completely. I guess that's good enough for me. I just hope that she has learned her lesson.

Joops said...

Wow I can't believe it because she really is a good blogger to do this but with you screen shot, i guess she really did it..