Friday, October 22, 2010

Affordable ways to promote a business.

Not every business owners can afford advertising spots on TV, radio or on the print media. Not all businessmen can avail the services of celebrity endorsers to promote their businesses. Some starting business owners cannot even afford to buy tarpaulins or posters to advertise their businesses. But these should not discourage a businessman as there are other ways that he or she can employ to promote his or her business which doesn’t require thousands of pesos. These are cheap and affordable ways but equally effective in promoting small businesses.

One is by telemarketing. What you only need is a telephone, a directory and one of your staff who can speak fluently, has a strong sales background and can represent your company well. Aside from the time spent by one of your staff, there are no other expenses that can be incurred by using this method. We used this method when I was still in the electronics service industry. We call prospective customers within the vicinity to introduce our business and invite them to visit our shop and avail of our promotions.

Another method that a small business owner can try is to give out leaflets or custom business cards. Giving leaflets is an affordable way to reach out to your clients or prospective customers. We normally give out the leaflets carrying our telephone numbers and the services that we offer on churches and other places where there are so many people.

A business owner should also make sure that he is carrying business cards where ever he goes. He should make it a habit to give out his business card to everyone he meets whether he is meeting a business client or an ordinary acquaintance. The business card should also be professionally designed and printed as this will reflect the image that he wants to project for his business. These business cards can now be ordered and customized online and I found great designs that will surely suit the needs of different business owners.

These are only a few of the many ways on how a businessman can promote his business. I think the key here is to utilize all the resources that you have on your fingertips. There is no need to spend lots of money especially if you are just starting your business. But any methods of promotions that you will use are bound to fail if you can not ensure the quality of your products or services. Quality and customer satisfaction should always be your main priority. If this can be achieved, it will not be long and your satisfied customers will do you the favor of promoting your business to their friends and family members.

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