Sunday, June 6, 2010

A great source of web hosting and blogging guides.

I have been blogging for almost two years now and I’ve got my hands full in maintaining two blogs. One of my blogs has its own custom domain and is hosted under a web-hosting company while my other blog is under a free webhost. I am still contemplating if it is now time to move my other blog to another custom domain.

Well, if you really want to take blogging seriously and you want to be taken seriously in the blogosphere, then getting your own domain and getting the services of a webhost is the route to take. But choosing a webhosting service should not be done on impulse; there are many things to consider. I’m still in the lookout for the best webhost in the market so I will not have any regrets when I sign up for the service.

Honestly, my almost two years of blogging experience has yet to make me an expert in this field. In fact, I still don’t know a lot of things and I have a lot to learn in terms of SEO hosting and link building. This is the reason why I am always looking for interesting posts and articles about web hosting and SEO or search engine optimization and their connection. I like to read web host news, articles and tips that I can implement in my two blogs. I also want to look at reviews of the best web hosting provider. Who knows, I may just stumble upon a great deal from any of these web hosting provider? It’s a good thing that I found one website that offers all the information that I need about web hosting and SEO. Web Hosting Fan offers web hosting industry news, the latest trends, and reviews of the best web hosting providers. All the information that I need in one website, great isn’t it? I have already bookmarked the website and I’ll make sure to visit frequently.

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squad said...

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