Thursday, October 29, 2009

New PDF search engine.

I used to love reading books. I still maintain a collection of different books that i bought in the past. Although i no longer have the luxury of time to read just like before, I still get to read books from time to time especially if I fancy one. I usually search the internet for e-books in PDF format that I can read when I am free at the office.

I actually prefer reading e-books in PDF format than any other document format or the hardbound or paperback books because I can read it even when I'm at the office or when I'm at my computer at home.

Searching for e-books in PDF format is not an easy task. I used to visit forums and other websites to look for the e-books but sometimes I don't get positive results and searching is cumbersome since most PDF Search engines also index other file formats.

HOwever, I was delighted when I found a search engine for e-books in PDF format. The search engine has a complete regularly updated database which searches for and indexes files in PDF format. So if you are looking for e-books, you may want to try

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