Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Using backpacks and bags

Aside from my wallet and mobile phone, one thing that I always carry whenever I go to the office is my backpack. I live a good two hours travel from the office so I feel the need to carry a lot of stuffs with me. Inside my bag is my basic necessities which includes my packed lunch and other food that I can munch on while on the bus, a jacket, spare t-shirt and underwear, a book that I can read when I feel like it, gadgets that I can use while traveling like my ipod, and a mobile phone with TV.

I have used other bags before, but I am more comfortable using a backpack as it can hold more items and it can help you stay organized with the use of the multiple compartments that can keep all your things at hand. Some say that backpacks have health benefits compared to other bags as the weight of the pack is evenly distributed across your body unlike when using a shoulder bag or a messenger bag where the weight of the bag is concentrated on one shoulder thus the need to lean on the other side to offset the extra weight. Bags like these may even cause lower and upper back problems in the long run and can possibly lead to poor posture.

When traveling over long distances, I also prefer using a backpack as it is easier to carry and my hands remain free. I can move freely without having to drag a rolling suitcase. Backpacks area a lot easier to maneuver when you are in crowd of people or when you are in a bus or other modes of transportation.

Most travel backpacks nowadays are made with waterproof or water-resistant fabrics for active lifestyle. No matter what the weather may look like, you are assured that your valuables are protected. These types of backpacks are best when hiking in the outback. There are also backpacks with built-in hydration system and water bottle pockets which will prove to be such a relief when you are travelling or hiking outdoors. I have checked online stores and I found a wide variety of backpacks available nowadays. There are different colors and styles to choose from.

So if you are planning a vacation in a popular city or in the wilderness, it’s now time to shop for a travel backpack that will surely make your travel more comfortable and convenient.

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