Saturday, July 3, 2010

Top Ten Entrecard Droppers for June 2010

It's better late than miss the opportunity to pay tribute to all the amazing people who never failed to visit and drop their Entrecards on this blog for the last month. Thank you very much for the continued support!

I am also grateful to fellow Entrecard members who may not be on the list but who continue to visit this blog. Many thanks to all of you!

Here are the top Entrecard droppers for May. If you have a minute or two, please visit each of these great blogs.

WinesWorld is a friendly wine guide for amateurs, by amateurs.

This site is all about life's Living and Wellness. Appreciate and learn all about the wonderful things and everyday greatness and let this be an inspiration for a meaningful life.

A blog site which updates the weekly UK Top 20 songs each week, along with other posts including Chart Summaries, Album Chart information and other music posts including facts and figures, miscellaneous charts and all things Eurovision.

all the world is fun

My blog gives trading advice, makes critical reviews of related sites, and teaches trading techniques.

Fact of the Day is a project to bring one verified, interesting fact to readers every day in a couple novel formats. Weekly feature articles will educate on a number of topics. Come check us out for today's fact of the day!

A place for a few laughs.

Interesting info and fun facts about Las Vegas plus a daily list of free stuff to see, do and get.

Humorous and lighthearted events in and out of the news with an emphasis on morons.

Life as I view it; everyday stories, reflections and inspirations.My take on issues concerning finances, health, family,education, environment,relationships. My reviews on books, movies,television shows, restaurants and on what's hip and hot

Thank you very much!

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R.O.M.E.L.O. said...

Nice Top Ten Dropper post. You didn't only list them but you also provided some brief information about them. I'm sure they'll appreciate it.