Monday, June 28, 2010

Watch movies online for free!

To say that I like watching movies is an understatement. The truth is: I love watching movies. I may not always have the time or the money to spend in watching movies on the big screen but I can always watch movies on DVD’s at the comfort of my home.

Recently, I also tried watching movies online and it was not that bad. The great thing is I found a website where you can watch movies online absolutely free. Yes, you heard it right; you can now watch movies online for free. The website is called Wamoli. I browsed through the different movies in their selection and found latest movies currently showing at cinemas. Isn’t that great?

But what’s the catch? Well, you only need to fill in a survey to be able to watch full length movies in this site. How hard can that be? It’s just like you’re watching free television bombarded with advertisements. We never complain because we know that these advertisements are sustaining the free TV’s operation. But unlike free TV, you don’t need to watch movies ridden with advertisements, just fill in the survey once a week to be able to watch free movies.

To be able to maintain a website and continue offering free movies online for free, a website also needs to pay for web hosting and other expenses. Advertisers are paying for these surveys to cover the costs of maintaining the site.

So if you want to Watch movies online, visit Wamoli and register for a free account. You can even request for movies if you want.

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