Friday, May 21, 2010

"Wowowee" is doing well without Willie Revillame

Willie Revillame may have been expecting that the show that he hosted for the last five years will not stand without him but bad news for him, a few weeks after he went on indefinite leave, the show is still doing well in terms of television ratings especially when action star Robin Padilla took over the show a week ago.

In fact, Padilla’s hosting stint on “Wowowee" ranked No. 5 on Twitter’s worldwide top trending topics when he was formally introduced as Revillame’s temporary replacement on May 15.

And based on the television ratings data released by global research specialist Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS), “Wowowee’s” audience share even jumped from 18.1% on May 14 to 20.5% on May 15. The show’s audience share on May 17 was at 20.5%.

The show also continued to beat its rival according to the TNS national data. The competition's audience share on May 14 was 12.2%; on May 15, 13.6% ; and on May 17, 11.4%, figures from TNS showed.

In direct opposite to the arrogance of the host that he temporarily replaced, Padilla humbly vowed to improve his hosting skill. He recognizes that he is new to hosting and has committed mistakes in their past episodes.

Robin Padilla may not be the perfect choice as a replacement for Willie Revillame but anybody is better than Revillame. This man, Willie Revillame is so arrogant and never learned his lessons. I’m so sick of seeing him on TV. He can transfer to TV5 or to channel 7 for all I care. My noontime TV viewing will be a lot better without him.


michele said...

yeah right! Willie is not missed at all! I like the show better now that he isnt around, this way, I get no stupid english from him, no sarcasms from him, no malicious words and looks from him to the women out there, in short, no pambabastos na attitude from the male host! Robin Padilla has much to learn from hosting, but he has the charm and the decency and the politeness in his persona that make the audience react to him in a positive way! LET WILLIE GO! GOOD RIDDANCE!

patricia santo domingo said...

Yes, please let him go. He is the most arrogant host I've ever seen. He keeps on insulting the comedians and the lowly people making them speak English when he knows the educational status of the person, as if he can speak good English though. PLEASE LET HIM GO. WE DO NOT NEED HIM. WE DO NOT WANT TO SEE HIM.

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