Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wearing bigger clothes.

I bumped into an old friend this morning. He stopped me while I was about to enter the elevator on my way to the office. He noticed how I gain so much weight from the last time we saw each other. It was not even a year since the last time I saw him. We work on the same building but we have different schedules.

I know that what my friend told me was intended as a compliment but for me it was some sort of reality check. It’s true that most people prefer the new “me” than what I was, a skinny chap. But I really felt more comfortable when I was leaner and slim. I can do things quickly without being too much exhausted.

Not to mention that my old clothes no longer fits. In fact, I can see myself buying new and bigger sizes clothes in the next couple of days. I may need to purchase bigger jeans and shirts. I even stopped at a website while I was browsing the internet the other day. I came across a website with a wide array of fashionable clothes for men. The Jacamo Men’s Clothing looks great. The clothes are trendy and fashionable even for those that are for big enough for my size.

I hate to admit it but I really need to go to the gym and lose a couple of pounds. Or I will end up wearing plus size clothing.

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Marie said...

Plus size clothing is not all that bad. The fashion industry is now taking notice. Anyway, the best to you on losing weight.