Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Back for good.

After two months of inactivity on this blog, I’m finally back!

There were no updates or new posts during that period. If you want to know the reason why this poor blogger was missing-in-action for two months, you can visit my other blog. Needless to say, I really missed blogging. I missed blog hopping or visiting blogs of fellow bloggers, reading their articles, leaving comments and dropping Entrecard.

It really feels great to be back. I can't wait to catch up with everyone!

I was only away for only two months but time really flies very fast. A lot of things can happen in a short period time. I realized this when I was blog hopping. Some of the blogs that I used to visit are no longer active. The URL’s who used to house these blogs will now redirect you to websites offering travel packages or sites offering credit management. I even encountered blogs offering abacus debt management which I find interesting. Not that I have unmanageable debts but I really find it great to see websites offering assistance for those who have problems with their finances.

I wonder what happened to those bloggers who decided to quit blogging. Anyway, each of us has our own reasons for doing what we think is right.

That’s all for now… I’m really glad to be back.

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Anonymous said...

welcome back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehe!