Wednesday, December 2, 2009

No smoking

The effects of cigarette or tobacco smoking on human health are serious and in some cases, deadly. People are dying everyday because of smoking-related diseases such as lung cancer, cardiac arrest, stroke and other chronic-obstructive lung failures. There are approximately 4000 chemicals in cigarettes and hundreds of which are toxic that can affect everything from the internal functioning of your organs to the efficiency of your body’s immune system. It can actually affect all the systems from head to foot. In the Philippines alone, it was estimated that about 200 Filipinos die each day due to these diseases related to cigarette or tobacco smoking.

Smoking remains one of the leading causes of preventable death. They said that on average, each cigarette or tobacco smoked shortens lifespan by 11 minutes.

If these statements are not enough reason to stop smoking then I don’t know what else will. Although I know for a fact that quitting smoking is not a walk in the park. Don’t lose heart. Just think of the thousands of people like you and me who were able to quit smoking and are now enjoying their lives with all the benefits life has to offer free from this addiction. It will only start with one decision and there’s no better time to decide than now.

There are now different methods that you can choose from if you decide to stop smoking. You can choose a method that will work for you. This include Nicotine replacement, you can see your doctor and ask for prescription medications, you can also try natural or Herbal Quit Smoking Products. You can also learn from experts and those who have successfully managed to quit smoking by reading books that they’ve written. Many of these books offer plans on how to quit smoking.


vicy said...

Hello!!Was here today..How's your New Year??God Bless!!

Tey said...

Hi leomar, I hope everything is good with you. have a great day
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