Saturday, October 24, 2009

PBB Double Up's First Evictee: Jimson

After one week of voting, the first Pinoy Big Brother Double Up evictee was finally revealed tonight. It was Jimson’s time to say goodbye to his fellow housemates and to his wife who will continue to live inside the PBB house.

Jim, or Jimson Ortega in real life, only got 10.20% of the total votes to get his ticket out of the most popular house in the Philippines.

Jayson got the most number of votes with 46.85% of the total votes followed by Carol who registered 24.16 % of the total votes. Princess who was first announced safe from the eviction got 18.79%.

Meanwhile, PBB also revealed another twist tonight after it was announced the return of the Big Swap, where a Pinoy housemate will get a chance to live in another Big Brother house from another country where the Big Brother franchise is currently running and a housemate from another country will get the chance to live inside the PBB house.

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