Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Japan's Pamaypay Boys video on PBB Double Up.

Pinoy Big Brother Double Up housemates will soon perform a version of Japan’s Pamaypay Boys as part of their task for the week. That is if “Kuya” will push through with the task which may not be suitable for television viewing. Big Brother even asked if the housemates will wear T-back or skintone while performing the dance number.

The housemates’ next challenge is to perform a dance number like the Pamaypay Boys video. Drinkin' Boyz is a Japanese group that is very popular here in the Philippines and they’ve become known as Pamaypay Boys. In the video, the boys are dancing with only fans or "pamaypay", they were totally undressed!

While the PBB housemates are still rehearsing their version, let’s first watch the original Japan's Pamaypay Boys Video!

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