Saturday, August 15, 2009

Learning from our experiences.

I admit that I’m spending a couple of hours on various social sites. Although participating in these sites can be time-consuming, I’m always having fun and at the same time I’m learning a lot. I can learn from other people’s experiences and share mine so other people can learn from it. But even with my busy schedule at work and the time that I spent in blogging, I still manage to read news website to make sure that I’m abreast with what is happening in our society.

Another social conversation site that is currently making waves in the cyberspace is What I like about this site is its daily news section where members can discuss Breaking News stories and share their opinions in community news discussion. It also features posts and personal blogs where you can participate and share your comments and ideas. Their solid community understands that members need not to agree with everyone, but they require members to respect each other’s opinion. Anyway, we are all entitled to our opinion and this is a good medium to share them with an active social community.

Another good thing about the website is the selection of easy-to-use widgets that will give you easy navigation of the website and control over how you interact with the community. You can also easily access the daily news, most emailed, most viewed, most recommended and most bookmarked topics.

So if you want to participate in an active social conversation site so you can share your opinions and experience and learn from other members, visit their website now and create an account.

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