Saturday, June 6, 2009

Choosing bathroom and kitchen designs.

You may have noticed that I was not updating this blog as frequently as I used to. I was really busy with work and with so many other things. If you have been reading my other blog, I mentioned there that we just acquired a new house in a nearby province. We are just waiting for some paperwork so we can start construction.

Actually the house is ready for take out but we still need to work on the kitchen, bathrooms and we need to construct rooms. We opted to get a bare unit because we don’t like the developer’s proposed plan for the house. We also want to make sure that we get to choose the design and materials that will be used on the house. This includes bathroom fixtures, tiles, kitchen sinks and other designs.

I was actually looking for different bathroom and kitchen designs. I already spoke with contractors and I was able to get an approximate cost of constructing the interiors of the house. I have not yet find a good deal because I am also taking into consideration several factors. The price is one of the major consideration and of course the quality of work. I also need to consider if it’s best that I purchase all the materials and let them do the job or if I will just entrust to the contractor everything. I haven’t reached a decision but I still have a month or two to decide and sort this out.

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