Friday, June 26, 2009

Charice was set to sing with Michael Jackson

Pinay teen singing sensation Charice revealed that she was supposed to appear in Michael Jackson’s comeback concert tour this July. She was saddened by the news that the King of Pop died yesterday due to cardiac arrest.

She disclosed that she was set to join Jackson next week in rehearsals for his comeback world tour.

Charice recalled that when she was in a private party of Warner Brothers, Jackson’s lawyer approached her and informed her that Jackson himself had picked her to be the special guest for his comeback concert. Jackson’s lawyer reportedly told her that “The King” watched her during her guestings on Oprah.

Jackson was reportedly planning to do a Billie Jean duet with Charice while they do a dance showdown after he had watched a YouTube video of the young Pinay singer doing his signature “moonwalk” while singing “Billie Jean.”

Charice who will be performing in her first solo concert in the Philippines today (Saturday) said that she will pay tribute to the King of Pop in her concert.

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