Friday, February 27, 2009

'Your Song Presents: Underage' premieres on March 1

After the success of “My Only Hope,” “Your Song Presents” offers the television adaptation of the 80’s teen flick movie “Underage” which will start on March 1. It will feature screen partner Matt Evans and Melissa Ricks which were last seen in the television series “IIsa Pa Lamang.”

Joining the cast with Ricks and Evans are young actors Empess Shuck, Lauren Young, Valene Montenegro, AJ Perez, Rafael Rosell, William Lorenzo and Sylvia Sanchez.

Since the original “Underage” movie was quite sexy, the teen stars will now be playing more mature roles in their new drama mini-series.

However, the young stars clarified that the TV adaptation will not be as sexy as the original film.

“This is different. Magpapakita kami ng konting skin. This is another step na naman. Kumbaga inuunti unti naming ‘yong paggawa ng more mature roles. We’re not kids anymore na rin. We’re still teenagers but we’re going into the transition of becoming adults na. May ilang sensitive scenes dito kaya ‘yon ang pinaghahandaan namin,” said Ricks.

Under the direction of Manny Palo, the story will revolve around the lives of three young sisters – Ricks, Shuck and Young - who grew up in the province and are about to face a whole new world.

Ricks will portray the role of Celina, the most confident among the three siblings. Shuck breathes life to the character of Cecelia, the toughest of the three, while Young plays the role of Corazon, the frail man-hatter. As they bump with new people, their real journey begins.

The director said that since he will be working with teens he will make sure that he will handle the sensitive scenes carefully.

“We can go a little more daring on an afternoon. Nasa treatment yon and I’m working with underage actors so yung maselang eksena ay pag-iingatan ko,” Palo stressed.

According to Palo, “Underage” is the first TV adaptation that will be featured by ABS-CBN’s “Your Song Presents.” It will also air adaptations of some well-loved Filipino teen flicks from the 80’s like “Blue Jeans,” “14 Goin Steady” and “Bagets.”

“Underage” was released by Regal Films in 1980 and was considered to be the launch pad of Dina Bonnevie, Snooky Serna and Maricel Soriano as young-adult actresses.

“Underage” film was originally directed by Joey Gosiengfiao. with story screenplay by Toto Belano.

Don’t miss “Your Song Presents: Underage” as it premieres on March 1 after “ASAP ’08” on ABS-CBN.


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