Thursday, February 19, 2009

'SuperManuel' eliminated from Pinoy Fear Factor

Struggling businessman Manuel Chua, the erstwhile "king of stunts," plunged to a shocking elimination on Wednesday during the first stunt of the ultimate round of elimination of "Pinoy Fear Factor: Argentina, South America."

“SuperManuel's" last flight was sealed when he was slowest to get out of a makeshift grave in the "buried alive" stunt.

The struggling businessman prematurely lifted his body out the hole, which caused an avalanche of sand that trapped his lower body underground. It took him over eight minutes to finish the stunt.

Fittingly, it was "Kryptonite" Marion dela Cruz who won the challenge. Jommy Teotico followed with a time of 4:40 while Janna Dominguez clocked in 7:43.

With a time of 3:53, dela Cruz finally gained his own "Fear Factor" world record through this stunt, besting a participante from Turkey who finished it in 4:09.

Chua had been the game's most dominant player with victories in the earlier rounds, which made him the target of his co-participantes. He also broke two "Fear Factor" world records via the "Slippery Car" and "Net under Helicopter" stunts.

Teotico, the lone Pump Squad member left, said he is proud to have outlasted Chua but is also sad to see their "big brother" leave El Campo Miedo. Dominguez and dela Cruz, meanwhile, were left to tears.

"I made a wrong move. I could have done better," Chua said.

With “SuperManuel's" early departure, the competition among the three remaining participantes heats up. The "Ultimo Participante" will receive P2-million prize and a house and lot.

Who among Dominguez, Teotico, and dela Cruz will meet in "El Ultimo Duelo" to become the first "Ultimo Participante"? Find out this week on "Pinoy Fear Factor" after "SNN: Showbiz News Ngayon" on ABS-CBN.


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