Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Piolo thrilled to work with KC in 'Lovers In Paris'

Piolo Pascual shared that he is excited to work for the first time with young actress KC Concepcion in the local version of Korea's hit television series "Lovers In Paris."

Pascual said that he and Concepcion will undergo acting workshops together and start to tape the series this week.

"I'm just looking forward to it because this is KC's first soap as well, so ang daming nag-aabang. Ang tagal niya itong hinintay at pinag-isipan. Kasi hindi birong gumawa ng soap opera. So I wanted to be there for her," he added.

Pascual said he is sure that ABS-CBN will give a new flavor to the story.

"Ako personally may tiwala ako sa station, may tiwala ako sa management. Dito ang ibibigay natin yung Filipino flavor. Kasi upon watching nakita ko talaga yung culture ng Korea. Nakita ko how they fall in love... kung ano ang traditions nila. Dito iba naman. It's an adaptation pero definitely bibigyan namin ng texture ng Filipino culture. Ibang panlasa. Makikita mo talaga kung paano ma-inlove ang mga Filipinos," he explained.

The actor said he is also thrilled to work again with well-acclaimed director Eric Reyes, who also directed his hit series 'Lobo' with Angel Locsin.

"Ang sarap na after two months of rest sa TV, sa soap, mayroon na naman akong parang drive na, wow ang sarap umarte. Ang sarap na magkakaroon ka na naman ng bagong character," he added.


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