Monday, January 5, 2009

"Mischievous Princess” airs today on ABS-CBN

Aside from Parekoy, another new show that will premiere today (Jan. 5, 2008) is the Taiwanese TV series “Mischievous Princess.” It stars Korea’s much loved actress-singer Jang Nara (The Wedding) who crosses over to Taiwanese shores to play the role of Little Lobster, a member of the royal family who dresses up as a man to help out the poor people in her town. Her playful stunts lead her to cross paths with the young emperor, who in turn is also pretending as a commoner to find the answer to a riddle.

An unlikely friendship forms between the two and together they solve a puzzle for the good of the kingdom. However, will their closeness develop into something else? And what would happen if they discover each other’s true identities?

Don’t fail to watch this funny yet endearing new drama on ABS-CBN’s Hapontastic starting this January 5 at 5:15pm.

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