Monday, November 10, 2008

La Traición (The Betrayal) premieres on November 17.

Although “El Cuerpo” ends this week, Mario Cimarro fans have something to look forward to as the actor will soon be back with another series that will premiere on November 17. La Traición (The Betrayal) is the actor’s next series with Danna Garcia of Pasion de Amor).

It is co-produced by United States-based Telemundo and RTI Colombia. It is based on the classic epic Colombian novel “El Caballero de Rauzán” written by Felipe Pérez in 1887.

La Traicion features the story of Hugo de Medina, a handsome, mysterious swordsman, with a reputation as a womanizer. His life crashes around him when he finds he suffers from catalepsy, an incurable condition marked by loss of voluntary motion. The same disease felled his father years before.

This dashing young man meets Soledad de Obregon, a gorgeous, refined girl and the two are bound together by sudden passion, though matters are complicated by Hugo's desire to hide his infirmity.

As the adoring couple prepares to marry, tragedy strikes again. Hugo’s sinister brother, Alcides, who has always been in love with Soledad, betrays him and steals his betrothed. The rest of the telenovela deals with first Hugo's quest for vengeance and then his attempts to regain the trust and love of Soledad.


Anonymous said...

How I wish I can watch the telenovela here.

anneberly said...

is this an international movie? hmmm, Thanks for the visit. Take care
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