Monday, November 3, 2008

Juday preparing for 'Ploning's' international screening

Young Superstar Judy Ann Santos is preparing for the red carpet screening of her movie “Ploning” in Hollywood.

Juday said in an interview on “The Buzz” that the screening was sponsored by a Filipino in the United States. She said Filipino-American stars in Hollywood, including Lou Diamond Phillips and Rob Schneider, are also expected to grace the screening.

"Ploning" is one of 67 entries vying for the Best Foreign Language Film award in the prestigious Oscar Awards next year.

The film is about the story of Ploning (Juday), a woman considered the town's beauty who is torn between keeping her two promises -- one is to look for her greatest and first love Tomas in Manila or stay in Cuyo to take care of the young boy Rodrigo who depends on her motherly love and care.

The Filipino movie bet will have to be included in the top five entries for the directors and actors to attend the awarding ceremony on February 22nd. The Oscar nominees will be announced on January 22nd.


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Anonymous said...

I've been wanting to see "Ploning" on DVD.. Is it out yet?