Thursday, November 27, 2008

Advantages of Advertising on Blogs.

Blog advertising network

Have you ever wondered why many companies resort to blog advertising? Well, as a blogger, I’m actually wondering why there are still companies who are using traditional advertising and would choose not to join the blog advertising bandwagon.

Let me just tell you some of the obvious advantages of advertising on blogs. First, it is global. The scope of the blogosphere is so wide that companies who want to penetrate the global market should grab the opportunity to advertise on blogs. You are sure to reached your targeted market anywhere in the world. Second, your advertisements on blogs are in circulation 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Unlike other media, your advertisements on blogs are always on. Third, blog advertising is less expensive, thus it makes a sound financial sense. It reaches a greater number of people while giving a lot more information compared to traditional ads.

Because of these advantages, advertising networks like are now in demand. More and more advertisers are looking for blogs that can buzz about their products and services. However, there are advertising networks that don’t have regard to quality writing among their bloggers. stands out in this regard; they have strict guidelines before accepting blogs in their network. They also pride themselves that their opportunity creation fee is 50% less compared to their competitors.

If you are still having doubts, visit their website now and try blog advertising!

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