Saturday, October 11, 2008

Teaser of "Humingi ako sa Langit"

Award-winning actress Judy Ann Santos is playing the role as Nurse Jane Alcantara on "Humingi Ako Sa Langit". This much-awaited TV series will showcase her acting skills all the more.

The challenge for her is to familiarize herself with the medical terms and the proper handling of patients to make the soap as authentic as possible. It was told that they have professional doctors on the set to make sure that they’re pretty much accurate on the medical aspects of the show, something which will also give the viewers some useful information as well as a good dose of drama.

Through the show, people will also get to appreciate the various struggles of Filipino nurses who desperately want to earn their way to a better quality of life.

On a lighter note, Judy Ann confides that her working relationship with onscreen partner Derek Ramsay is better than ever. After their successful team-up in Ysabella, they continued to be good friends and occasionally sought each other’s advice during tough times.

Adding spice to their romance on Humingi Ako Sa Langit is Will Devaughn’s character. The show’s production manager Ethel Espiritu confides that having a second love interest for Judy Ann—one who’s also tall, dark, and handsome like Derek—happens to be one of the significant threads of the story. For now, however, Juday feels blessed with all the dashing actors that have been cast as her leading men throughout her teleserye career.

Watch the teaser below:


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