Friday, October 10, 2008

"Komiks Presents Tiny Tony" will begin on October 11.

Finally, the adventures of “Tiny Tony” will begin on October 11, 2008 replacing “Varga” on “Komiks Presents”. Tiny Tony is another creation of Mars Ravelo. This is welcome news as I personally don’t like “Varga” who has evolved to just another fantasy-love story.

“Komiks presents: Tiny Tony” is top billed by John Prats who will play the role of Tony. The 24-year-old actor said that he is excited to play as Tiny Tony although this is not the first time for him to play a superhero role. He has played superhero roles before in the movies Batang X (1995) and Super Noypi (2006). He said that there’s a big technological difference between the scenes he shoot for Tiny Tony and his previous works.

Tiny Tony revolves around the story of a poor but excessively smart kid, Tony, who was discovered by a scientist (Dr. Peralta) who eventually sponsored his entire schooling. Together, they formulated a secret shrinking solution which was poured over to Tony in an accident. Tony became tiny and killed Dr. Peralta in the process.

Joining Prats' exciting adventures are stars Alex Gonzaga, Coco Martin, Mura, Susan Africa and Gerard Acao with the special participation of Pen Medina, Zaijan Jaranilla, Julius Garesa and Kim Alcantara

"Tiny Tony" is directed by Mr. Dondon Santos.

Watch out for Tiny Tony's adventures as it premieres this coming Saturday, October 11 only on ABS-CBN.

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