Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"Kalye: Mga Kuwento ng Lansangan" on ABS-CBN.

In the midst of current national issues that Filipinos face everyday, there are stories that are often neglected but need utmost attention because they have a direct impact on ordinary citizens.

These are the stories that ABS-CBN news reporters Atom Araullo, Sol Aragones, and DZMM commentator and veteran radio reporter Anthony Taberna will tackle in the new weekly documentary "Kalye: Mga Kuwento sa Lansangan" on ABS-CBN every Monday night after "Bandila."

"Kalye" is a current affairs magazine show that features three stories that the reporters find on the streets every week. The show intends to dissect what is happening in the streets, put them into context and show what our society has become, and compel viewers to action.

It will tackle not-so-ordinary street stories, underground activities, or stories that come out at night. There will be a wide range of stories like demolition of shanties, cutting down of trees, vehicular accidents, or babies thrown in garbage cans.

"There are stories that do not make the headlines, but are equally important and in fact, they are nearer to the heart of ordinary citizens," said Taberna, who received the Benigno S. Aquino Jr. Fellowship for Professional Development for Journalism given by the Embassy of the United States of America this year.

"Kalye" is anchored by three young and active journalists who are experts in covering crime stories and general news assignments.

Taberna, who started as a radio reporter before crossing over to TV as anchor-commentator in "Umagang Kayganda," said they represent the voice of the youth and would like to make young Filipinos more critically aware of issues that matter to society and their lives.

Araullo, who started as a morning show host on Studio 23, has been patrolling the city to report about police stories in "TV Patrol World" and "Umagang Kayganda" to give viewers important information that will arm them against crime.

Aragones added that the show will not only present action-packed footage shocking street footage that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats, but also include short segments or bumpers about survival techniques in the urban jungle.

Watch "Kalye: Mga Kuwento sa Lansangan" MOndays after "Bandila" on ABS-CBN.


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Anonymous said...

how about having a look at aluminio
st. in tugatog, malabon city. half
of the streets are extension of the houses of residents. some have
made a complete living room out of it. others are permanent garage.
some are sari-sari stores. take a look. maybe you can help giving
back the street to the people.