Friday, August 29, 2008

John Prats and Aiko Melendez on “Your Song”.

John Prats will be working with Aiko Melendez for ABS-CBN's "Your Song: Someone Like You". The episode was based on the song "How Did You Know" By Piolo Pascual.

Prats also admitted that he had a childhood crush with Aiko and that he still admires the actress because of her unfading grace and beauty.

He said that he just finished taping for "Your Song" with Melendez, and that he feels overwhelmed and honored to work with the actress. He said that on the first taping day he really had a hard time talking to Melendez because he was shy, but he and the rest of the cast eventually took time to bond with the actress.

In "Your Song" people will definitely see a more mature and sexier Prats. He said that doing intimate scenes was really easy for him since he was already comfortable with Melendez.

"Your Song: Someone Like You" is directed by Don Cuaresma. The series features the May-December romance betweeen the characters played by Melendez (Marge) and Prats (Melvin).

The two meet in a bar and because of Marge’s depression over a break-up with husband-to-be Allen, she ended up spending the night with Melvin.

Years later, Marge and Melvin will meet again, this time as co-teachers. A seemingly unlikely couple, will the two stand the test of time?

To find out the answer, watch the series only on ABS-CBN every Sunday this September after ASAP ’08.

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